6 Ornaments Every Collector Should Add to Their Collection

Although the word kugel means “round ball” in German, original kugels were also made in the shape of grapes, apples, pears, pine cones, berries, tear drops and balls with melon-style ribs. Original kugels are generally lined inside with silver. The outside colors are red, cobalt, blue, green, silver, gold and amethyst. There is a hole in the top of each ornament which is concealed by a brass cap. Caps may or may not have an embossed design. Caps are fastened to the ornament with a piece of wire with spread out legs. Circular hanging loops are usually fastened to the wire on the cap. New kugels began appearing in the American market years ago in a national mail order catalog. New kugels arrived from the wholesalers with a removable paper or cardboard label marked “Made in India. The major difference between new and old is the glass around the hole in the top of the ornament.

Shiny Brite Christmas Tree Ornaments Box, 1944-1946

Ah Shiny Brite ornaments! We love you! In , Max Eckardt established Shiny Brite.

Christopher Radko Ornaments. View Pattern Christopher Radko Christmas Ornament. View Pattern Shiny Brite Ornaments.

In particular, Shiny Brite? The shapes and colors really appeal to me. And, they seem to go with any style of decorations. They look just as appealing on a flocked tree, tinsel tree or traditional tree. They even look wonderful heaped into a metal sleigh. Or maybe fill a large glass hurricane or cylinder with Shiny Brite ornaments, and you have a lovely display.

If you inherited these type ornaments, then you need to use them. The Shiny Brite company began manufacturing ornaments in the late s and closed in the early s. Corning actually manufactured the ornaments, basing the small glass balls on their light bulbs. Before Shiny Brite, glass ornaments had been imported from Germany.

Boxed Set of 6 Vintage Pink Glass Christmas Ornaments Shiny Brite Germany

The cornerstone for the Shiny-Brite company was laid somewhere in the year when Max Eckhardt began importing hand-blown glass balls from Germany. Eckhardt was wise enough to predict an interruption in his supply due to the upcoming war and early on planned for this eventuality. Corning, which was a maker of light bulbs, modified their manufacturing process to produce clear glass ornaments. The hooks of the ornaments have differed over the years.

Thus a study of the hooks enables their dating and identification.

These hangers firmly place the date of manufacture of the ornament to the early s. Following the war, Shiny Brite introduced a line of ornaments with a newly​.

Hello and happy vintage holidays, everyone!!! Keep reading after the jump for great vintage Christmas tree decoration suggestions that you can buy right now on Etsy and Ebay. Plus, background on how and why Americans decorated their Christmas trees the way they did in the s, s and s! Christmas trees of the s varied in size and shape.

They varied in shape mostly because many people were still finding their trees in natural habitats — in other words, they were driving into the forests and cutting down an evergreen for themselves! A few branches could be missing or the entire tree tilted slightly to one side! Christmas lights were wired in a series, so if one light went out the entire string was kaput! Because Angel Hair was made from fiber glass, if you touched it from the wrong angle bits of glass would sink into your skin ouch!

Vintage Blue Lights intended for outside use on Etsy. By the s, families were purchasing Christmas trees grown on official tree farms. These trees were larger in size and more attractive in shape. The picture above illustrates just how big the trees were in comparison to the people enjoying them! Metal production was restricted to bare necessities, so ornaments adopted cardboard caps that owners would then loop their own yarn or string to hang from their Christmas trees.

Talk about homespun!

Unsilvered WWII Paper Cap Ornaments

When I was a kid, my parents being antique dealers always had a hodge podge of different antique decorations for the holidays. They were from the s and s. Shiny Brite ornaments were created by American businessman Max Eckardt in The inside of the bulb was coated in silver nitrate giving the decorations a, well, bright and shiny look.

W Glass Works, Marks Brothers, and Shiny Brite, who in turn decorated, capped, From through the ornaments were shiny, thanks to being coated on They are easy to date as to years of production, are still easy to locate and.

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Christmas Kugels

Visit one of the largest vintage Christmas ornament selections in the Mid-South, situated in several Nashville – Middle Tennessee area antiques mall locations! In stock are truly thousands of glass Christmas ornaments of all types, styles and ages! We also have a smattering of Japan, Czech, and Poland reflectors and figurals thrown in for good measure!

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I have actually never seen these before! Mostly because my mom preferred the homemade and primitive styles for Christmas. But I don’t think I’ve ever seen Shiny Brites in my grandparents’ homes, either I don’t remember Shiny-Brite ornaments, I might be too young, but I enjoyed learning about them! Yes, I think my mother had some of these for our tree.

But I never knew there was anything special about them. How interesting that things we assume are just ordinary become part of history. Thanks for sharing this interesting story. How beautiful these ornaments were! I have to admit though, with a little one I’m very thankful for today’s pretty, shatter proof ornaments. These would make a lovely old fashioned tree.

These are so pretty! Thank you! I still have some of my mother’s Shiny Brite ornaments and I decorate with them every year.

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Did you hear that?! It’s the sound of me peeling out of my driveway on my way to your house!! Major Shiny Brite envy right now I love the stripes and the UFOs. And the Christmas tree shapes. And the stenciled scenes.

Dating from the ‘s, a Shiny Brite patroitic red, white and blue bell shaped Christmas tree ornament. The bell is decorated in mica stripes of white and blue.

Rabid collectors like us can never get enough Christopher Radko. This section of our website is for those Radkoholics who like to know as much as possible about the man known as “The Czar of Christmas Present” and the self-proclaimed “Ralph Lauren of Christmas” and the company he built and later sold. Some of these articles are more than 20 years old, but all of them have interesting information.

For some of you, this is all old news, but might be a walk down memory lane, for newcomers, it’s a walk through the story of Christopher Radko through the years. These links will open in a new window, but don’t forget to come back and order something! Merry Christmas. The revived taste for traditional tree trimmings — pushed by department stores, catalogues and this year by Vice President Al Gore, whose Christmas tree is adorned with handmade European ornaments — comes from an old art that is now produced on a commercial basis in Poland and the Czech Republic.

No, it’s not Santa. It’s his New Age reincarnation — Christopher Radko. Radko is the guy who has come to the rescue of Christmas. By revitalizing Old World ornament-making, the year-old Radko has brought back to this most special of holidays a glow one might have thought had disappeared forever in our throwaway society. Christopher Radko is about to lap you. His year-old cottage-industry Christmas ornament business has become a mini-conglomerate, with rhinestone needlepoint pillows, battery-operated snow globes shaking not required , topiaries as in a partridge in a pear tree, right place mats, coasters, decoupage trays, wrapping paper and ties, and coming next year, Limoges boxes and Christmas dinnerware, all bearing Radko designs.

Can sheets be far behind?

Reusing old Ornaments